About Us

Thanks for stopping by! We are Jordan & Gabba Rossi, natives of San Luis Obispo county, living in beautiful Templeton, CA. 

We're not farmers in the usual sense of the word (we don't even own a tractor), we're more like "market gardeners". Our produce is, and always will be, spray free.

We're committed to not disturbing vital soil microbes, providing a richer, more nutrient-dense product. We do this by using the no-till and no-dig gardening method.

overgrown garden with orange flowers, large green plants.

Our Practices

No-till, no dig, no tractor, no pesticides. Zero sprays of any kinds, even "organic". Our desire is to have a bio-dynamic farm, teaming with microbes, fungi, and all the amazing, vital nutrients that healthy soil provides. We glean a wealth of knowledge from master gardeners such as Charles Dowding and Richard Perkins.

Our History

The Rossi family relocated to California from the Swiss Alps in the late 1800's! They were originally dairy farmers. We consider Vincent Rossi, the boy in the photo, the patriarch of Grandpa Rossi's Garden. He loved nature, animals, and gardening.

black and white photo of young boy from late 1800s. wearing hate and suit coat. boy is around 10 years old.

Egg Handler's Licence #4502

Our eggs are from a happy, healthy flock of free range hens. They forage for bugs, eat tons of garden greens, enjoy the sunshine, dirt baths, and plenty of shade from oak trees in the summer.