What to do with Beets & Kale?!

by Gabrielle Rossi

A friend and longtime customer recently started sharing her gorgeous photos and snippits of food prep ideas with me! I wanted to share them here and hopefully give some inspiration. 

Photo cred: Jennifer Shellhorn, Atascadero

Kale and basil pesto over roasted beets with burrata (Italian cheese) and drizzled with balsamic.

Flat bread with black beans, roasted carrots, avocado, wilted kale, and sliced radishes.

Grilled sunflower bread (from Break Bread), with roasted beets (450 degrees), pan fried eggplant, pepper jack cheese, and spinach (could also do slightly wilted kale). Peel, slice, and toss beets in avocado oil, salt, & pepper!