Storage Tips

This page will be updated as we add more items
Carrots & Radishes - Carrots and Radishes will become limp and soft if you store them loose in your refrigerator. When you get your carrots or radishes home, cut the tops off and store them in a zip lock bag or sealed plastic container in your refrigerator where they will stay fresh for weeks. 
Squash - Usually summer squash are placed loose in our farm boxes. To store in your refrigerator, place the squash in a baggie or container, close and store in the refrigerator. If you place these vegetables loose in the refrigerator, they will become dehydrated and turn soft and squishy. Be sure and always wash these items in warm water before cooking them. 
Leeks - store in container fridge, the white part is the most edible and can be used in place of a small onion.
Cilantro & ParsleyCilantro and parsley will stay fresher longer if you trim the stem ends and wrap wet paper towels around the bottom of the stems. Place the bunch into the plastic bag and store in your vegetable crisper. To bring life back to bunches that are "wilty," trim stems ends and stick the bunch in a cup or bowl of water for a few hours.  Then store as recommended above. 
Beets - Beets will stay fresh for weeks if stored correctly. Store the beets in a bag in your refrigerator. 
Kale - wash and store in a container with a paper towel.
Lettuce - Whether it’s Romaine, Green or Red Leaf, or Butter, our lettuce is very fresh and has been pre-cooled to take the field heat out. For convenience, take your lettuce out of your box, cut off the butt, and place the head in a strainer in your kitchen sink. Open up the head and wash the leaves under running water, pulling the leaves apart. If you use a veggie wash, spray the leaves and rinse. If you have a salad spinner, use it. Then, place the leaves in a plastic container (a rectangular crisper or bread box size works best). Turn the container upside down to drain out excess water.
TomatoesDon’t refrigerate your tomatoes.  Leave them on your counter to ripen.  They lose their flavor when they get too cold! If they come in your box not as red as you would like, leave out on your counter and they will continue to ripen. 
Chives - store in a glass of water in the fridge. 
Lemon Cucumbers - wash and store in a plastic bag or container in the fridge.
Potatoes - the potatoes you receive from GRG are incredibly fresh and NOT storage potatoes. You will want to store these in a cool, dark location. Wash just before using and use within a week of receiving.